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Why You Should Vote NO

Mike Madigan's political machine is running out of money, and they are looking right at you for more.  On the ballot this election is a referendum to radically change the Illinois Constitution to eliminate critical taxpayer protections.   

If Madigan's referendum is successful this November, there will be nothing stopping him and his loyalists in the legislature from raising the income tax rates on hard-working middle-class taxpayers in our community. 

Make no mistake, there is a huge target on our North Shore communities that would transfer away hundreds of millions from our paychecks, retirement incomes, small businesses, school districts and local governments and into Mike Madigan's corruption machine.  

The decision is clear, with just one vote you can:

Vote NO on a Massive New Income Tax

Vote NO on a North Shore Suburban Tax

Vote NO on a Corruption Tax

.....And Finally, Defund Madigan's Grip Over Illinois

This Election Season

Just Vote NO!

Why You Should Vote NO